The search API for database backed applications

Build natural language search into your database backed application with Calligram’s API. Get started in minutes, No data transformation or indexing required.

So what does Calligram do

Developer first approach

Calligram is an API that developers can use to dynamically parse arbitrary parameters from a natural language query. Developers simply pass configuration for the parameters they are trying to parse along with a natural language query and Calligram returns a mapping of parameters to values. Calligram currently supports generically parsing arbitrary filter parameters.

Use Cases

Build the future of search

Consumer facing search APIs

Integrate a natural language search bar or build a chat bot for your consumer facing applications using Calligram and your existing API.

Generic database search

Enable natural language search across any database. MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB - the choice is yours.

Internal tool search

Save hours spent wrestling with tool specific query languages. Use Calligram to search using natural language.

API Documentation

Help developers figure out how to use your API by auto-generating request examples from natural language input.

Modern API

Made for developers

Our API abstracts the complexity of ML model training and management so that you can focus on your product.

  • Ready to go API

  • Best in class documentation

  • Built by developers, for developers

What makes Calligram different

The easiest way to offer powerful search features

Calligram is the only search-as-a-service company enabling natural language search for database backed applications. Calligram dynamically extracts parameters from any natural language query that can be used by the caller to construct a structured API request. We are not a full-text search engine and don’t rely on data indexing. All required configuration is passed in your API request body, meaning that there is almost no overhead to be able to start using Calligram.

Save time

No more manual searching through drop downs, check boxes, and calendar widgets to get meaningful results

Embed your product

Use Calligram to build natural language chat integrations so your customers don’t have to leave their workflows to use your product

No training

Works out of the box, no need for model training or management.